Volunteer Secretary needed part time!!! Can you help?

Dear WRFR friends,

Thanks to you, WRFR is thriving. We are one of the most successful LPFM stations in the country. Our approach has worked: openness, freedom, diversity, mutual respect, and reliance on local small business for support.

Now we are on the cusp of a big new opportunity.

From its inception, until now, WRFR’s license holder has been Penobscot School, which signed the WRFR license application essentially as a favor to me and which took little interest in the station. Now WRFR has a new license holder, one with a strong interest in the station and its future.

The Old School is an experimental free university. WRFR is already a kind of free university of the airwaves. Now it has teamed up with an institution that exists to promote in all media, and face-to-face, the free exchange of knowledge — in all the arts and sciences. The potential for highly productive cooperative interaction between WRFR and the Old School is great.

In September we will be working on a consciousness and fund raising campaign. It is a bit like the founding of WRFR, when we made a wide appeal for funds to build the station. To finance our move now, we must broaden our base beyond our regular sponsors. A big part of doing that will be mailings to large numbers of potential supporters of WRFR and the Old School, and of our move into the Lincoln Street Center. I have been drafting and strategizing, but I need secretarial help to get the big mailings out.

In October we plan to begin construction of our new studio. For that we will need volunteers with construction skills. Before we can get to that point, though, we need to get September’s work done. So right now the need is for secretarial and office skills. If you have these skills, please volunteer to help now. I very much hope to hear from you. My number is 596-0731.

Best regards,
Joe Steinberger
596-0731 or steinberger@gwi.net

New Time for The Bonnie Farmer Show

Not much of a change, but we didn’t want to miss one minute!  The new air time is Thursdays (same day!) but just a bit earlier from 5-6pm.  Please join Bonnie and her outstanding show!

Bonnie “The Bonnie Farmer Show,” airs LIVE every Thursday. This is a mix of new and older love songs by women/men for women/men, with strong/soft rhythmic groove sounds including sexy, soul, blues, moody, jazz, spice and funk! Bonnie is also a seasoned host of “Farmer’s Got the Blues.” (which airs Fridays 4:30-6pm) Bonnie states this show allows her to be outside the “blues box” and is a great counter balance of new sounds. Bonnie does not podcast and truly believes in the LIVE experience of a “one of a kind, one time only show.” Thanks for tuning in.

New Time for High Strangeness

After this week, High Strangeness will be moving to a new time slot:  Sunday afternoon from 4-5pm.  Get your UFO questions in order, and tune in this Weds from 8-9pm, then again,  starting THIS Sunday, August 3rd, @ 4pm!  This is a call in show, so here is the number you will need!  593-0013. Gary will be waiting!

New License Holder for WRFR

socratesWe are pleased to announce the new license holder for WRFR-LP.  As of April 2014, the station license was transferred to The Old School (Rockland’s Free University).  This is an exciting change, and one that fits the mission of the station and The Old School of bringing community together for learning, entertainment, and overall improvement of life in the Rockland/Camden area. The old School is in its beginning stages, but has already offered some very popular (and always FREE) courses.  If you are interested in finding out more about The Old School, and how you can participate, visit www.oldschoolrockland.org.

LIVE Streaming is Back!

red antennaSo, you have been patient and loyal!  Thank you!  Your old streaming settings should work, but if you need to reload them, just click the red antenna image to the left.

If you are new to WRFR and all it has to offer your ears, just click and you are good to go!

tune in    You can also Put TuneIn on your mobile devices, and hear us anywhere!!

Part 2 of Radio Mystery Tuesday @ 8pm

The Stone House Cast

The Stone House Cast: from left to right: Wilder “Ryan” Oakes, David “Diggs” Troup, and Jen “Solomon” Blood.

On May 7th Jo and Cheech will air the conclusion of “The Stone House”.  The author and cast will be present for a live interview in the studio after the broadcast of the play.

 “The Stone House” stars David Troup, member of the Everyman Repertory Theater, as the lead character Diggs, a wise cracking young journalist and mentor to Erin. Erin, played by Jen Blood, is a complex young woman with a mysterious past who drags Diggs into her investigation of the paranormal activity around an old stone house in Southern Maine’s Wolfe’s NeckState Park.  Ryan, the creepy yet endearing caretaker of the stone house, is voiced by Maine artist and thespian Wilder Oakes.

The play will be aired on “Jo and Cheech’s Radio Hour”: Tuesday, Tuesday, May 7th from 8-9pm on WRFR-LP (93.3 FM Rockland, 99.3 FM Camden, online streaming at wrfr.org).  The segments will be followed by interviews with the actors and author.  Part one of the play can be heard here.

Jo & Cheech’s Radio Hour is Sponsored by TEA Printers and Publishers, Philbrook and Associates, and Jess’ Market.