New Time for High Strangeness

After this week, High Strangeness will be moving to a new time slot:  Sunday afternoon from 4-5pm.  Get your UFO questions in order, and tune in this Weds from 8-9pm, then again,  starting THIS Sunday, August 3rd, @ 4pm!  This is a call in show, so here is the number you will need!  593-0013. Gary will be waiting!

New Show! High Strangeness with Gary Wheeler Weds 8-9pm

GaryWheelerThe host of this show is Gary Wheeler who has studied ufology extensively and is interested in talking with those who have had experiences in what the UFO community calls ‘high strangeness’ . These experiences, not always UFO related, go beyond what is termed ‘normal’ and often leave the experiencer a bit confused isolated and in fear of  ridicule if they share ‘what happened to them’. This show will offer them a call in platform of anonymity to share their stories. Gary can also answer questions about present and past ufology and will share information to help others better understand this phenomena as well as being open to conversation on other ‘fringe’ issues. You are encouraged to call in and join the conversation @593-0013.

New License Holder for WRFR

socratesWe are pleased to announce the new license holder for WRFR-LP.  As of April 2014, the station license was transferred to The Old School (Rockland’s Free University).  This is an exciting change, and one that fits the mission of the station and The Old School of bringing community together for learning, entertainment, and overall improvement of life in the Rockland/Camden area. The old School is in its beginning stages, but has already offered some very popular (and always FREE) courses.  If you are interested in finding out more about The Old School, and how you can participate, visit

New Show!!! The Flipside with Spike Hyssong Saturdays 6-7pm

Flipside Show

Spike Hyssong host of “The Flipside Show”

“THE FLIPSIDE SHOW: a tour through my collection of sound recordings that are kept in my innersanctum known as ‘The Flipside’.  Sound recordings are in the form of 78 rpm records, 16-inch radio transcriptions, reel-to-reel tape, etc and include things from jazz, big band, classic radio broadcasts, novelty, rare, unusual and/or forgotten goodies!”

Radio Theater Returns to WRFR

Photos by Richard Shyduroff.  In the recording studio with Ginger Wilson, Jonathan Potter, Scott Anthony Smith, and Rachel Albury.

Photos by Richard Shyduroff. In the recording studio with Ginger Wilson, Jonathan Potter, Scott Anthony Smith, and Rachel Albury.

Tune in Tuesday April 8th at 8pm to Jo and Cheech’s Radio Hour to hear The Lobster Trap, an original radio mystery play by local playwright Jonathan Potter.

The Lobster Trap is set during the Rockland Lobster Festival and follows Derek Steele, a hard-bitten Rockland detective, as he tries to solve the murder mystery of movie star Lucretia Mott.   The play features a colorful cast of characters performed by Scott Anthony Smith, father and daughter team Richard and Marika Shyduroff, Ginger Wilson, Wilder Oakes, and Mr. Potter himself.

This is the second original radio mystery to air on Jo and Cheech’s Radio Hour.  Listeners can hear the first play, Jen Blood’s The Stone House, online on Jo and Cheech’s podcast.  The plays are recorded on site at WRFR with sound editing by Rachel Albury (a.k.a. DJ Cheech).

LIVE Streaming is Back!

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Part 2 of Radio Mystery Tuesday @ 8pm

The Stone House Cast

The Stone House Cast: from left to right: Wilder “Ryan” Oakes, David “Diggs” Troup, and Jen “Solomon” Blood.

On May 7th Jo and Cheech will air the conclusion of “The Stone House”.  The author and cast will be present for a live interview in the studio after the broadcast of the play.

 “The Stone House” stars David Troup, member of the Everyman Repertory Theater, as the lead character Diggs, a wise cracking young journalist and mentor to Erin. Erin, played by Jen Blood, is a complex young woman with a mysterious past who drags Diggs into her investigation of the paranormal activity around an old stone house in Southern Maine’s Wolfe’s NeckState Park.  Ryan, the creepy yet endearing caretaker of the stone house, is voiced by Maine artist and thespian Wilder Oakes.

The play will be aired on “Jo and Cheech’s Radio Hour”: Tuesday, Tuesday, May 7th from 8-9pm on WRFR-LP (93.3 FM Rockland, 99.3 FM Camden, online streaming at  The segments will be followed by interviews with the actors and author.  Part one of the play can be heard here.

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